Want Free Passive Income? Make Your Money Work For You

If you are like me, you've probably wondered " Is my bank is really working for me?" or "Am I really getting the best rates right now?". What I learned is that with a little bit of effort, I COULD GET FREE MONEY! Yes, you read that correct - completely FREE! If you just want to... Continue Reading →

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Are you a wantrapreneur or an entrepreneur? 

Talk is cheap! I know this saying is cliche but very true! Real entrepreneurs will build a product or service that people want! They say that knowledge is power, however, I think implementation trumps knowledge any day! Great ideas come around all the time, but to take action is the hardest part. When you look... Continue Reading →

Dipping Your Toes in the Sea of Investments

In a previous post; "On the Path to Financial Freedom" we touched on how one can attain financial freedom - but before anyone starts their journey, there are a few prominent questions that many have asked themselves before getting started. Today, I'll cover question #1 - Where do I start? Websites There is plenty of material... Continue Reading →

On the Path to Financial Freedom

For year's I've been lost - putting off the day where I would seriously have to take my financial plan/habits into consideration. Near the end of 2016, I finally decided to take initiative and control of my financial wealth. It's amazing how they don't teach this stuff in high school as I truly think EVERYONE... Continue Reading →

4 Things You Need To Know About Best Buy Surveillance Systems

I recently suspected my wallet being stolen while browsing in a Best Buy store and so I return to the scene of the crime and inquired about seeing their surveillance footage. Here is what I learned in the process… 1. PLACEMENT & QUALITY Despite them being tactically placed to cover every square inch of the... Continue Reading →

Why Should You Start Blogging?

William Shakespeare said, “Expectations is the root of all heartache” – so it may be wise to set them low to begin with. If you take a moment to glance at the exuberant number of media streams available today, you’ll notice that there is an overwhelming amount of data and content being published, shared and... Continue Reading →

She Take My Money!

History of a relationship can act as an anchor for couples who fight, have doubts about one another or even go on a break. Typically, one can see certainty in their future with a significant other after the "honey moon" phase has passed - which from what I've seen to typically last anywhere between  3 months... Continue Reading →

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